• 1218 The county of Läänemaa is baptised during the Livonian Crusade.
  • 1228 The creation of the Bishopric of Ösel-Wiek.
  • 1279 Bishop Hermann I grants town rights to Haapsalu based on the Riga law. Haapsalu Castle mentioned for the first time.
  • 1559 The last Catholic prince-bishop of Ösel-Wiek, Johannes V, sells the bishopric to the King of Denmark.
  • 15601581 Haapsalu Castle is heavily damaged in the Livonian War. Under the rule of the Swedish king, 1581 sees the beginning of the castle’s reconstruction into a garrison fortress.
  • 1624 The King of Sweden sells Haapsalu Castle to Count Jacob De la Gardie.
  • 1688 Haapsalu Castle is completely destroyed in a fire.
  • 1889 The restoration and re-consecration of Haapsalu Cathedral.
  • 19801990 Project for the excavation, conservation and reconstruction of the ruins of the inner bailey of Haapsalu. Establishment of the museum in the West Wing.
  • 20172019 Conservation and renovation work on Haapsalu’s inner bailey.

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XXII
Inventories of Haapsalu Town and Castle Churches anno 1692 and 1693

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XXI
Anu Mänd, Kaire Tooming.
Finds of Medieval Carved Stone from the Haapsalu Castle in 2017

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XX
Martin Malve.
A Skull with Perimortem Injuries from Haapsalu Cathedral

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XVIII
Jaak Mäll. Bishop´s War-Wagon or Cast Iron Field Cannons from the Haapsalu Castle
Ain Mäesalu, Jüri Peets. Guns from the Arms Cache Find of Haapsalu Episcopal Castle

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XVII
Kaur Alttoa.
Formation of Haapsalu Castle: Notes and Comments

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XVI
Ülla Paras. 
Haapsalu Episcopal Castle in the 21st Century
Erki Russow, Anton Pärn. From the Noble to the Humble House: an Archaeological Biography of the Ruins of the Pointers´tower Wall House
Kalev Jaago. Vassals´ Day in Haapsalu in 1543

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum XII
Kalev Jaago. 
Inventory of Haapsalu Episcopal Castle from 1664

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum X
Juhan Kreem.
White Lady, Margrave Wilhelm of Brandenburg and the Reform Attempt of Medieval Livonia

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum VI
Toivo Meikar.
The Castle Park of Haapsalu in the Turmoil of Privatization

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum IV
Kalev Jaago. 
The Restoration of Haapsalu Castle Church in 1726-1889

Proceedings of Läänemaa Museum I
Ain Mäesalu.
Rare Weapons Found from the Bishop´s Castle in Haapsalu