Haapsalu Castle is a popular venue for concerts, festivals and theatre performances.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to enrich your event with a unique medieval atmosphere.

1. Haapsalu Castle rental prices and conditions:

MonSun 10am–midnight: € 1320

  • 20% VAT is added to the rental price;
  • the museum and the castle grounds must be accessible to visitors from 10am–6pm;
  • the rental prices do not include trading rights;
  • the lessee can buy a trading licence and enter into relevant trading agreements with third parties;
  • in case of an exceptionally large event with considerably higher expenses (electricity, rubbish) than a regular event, the lessor reserves the right to adjust the rental price;
  • the rental price includes electricity used by the lessee;
  • the presence of a stand-by electrician;
  • the preparation of the castle grounds;
  • cleaning the castle grounds after the event, including the installation and removal of rubbish containers;
  • availability of a public toilet (a total of 10 cubicles) during the event (ticketed).

2. Rental prices for trading:

  • up to 10 points of sale (the sales area for one PoS is up to 6 m²).
    Package price per day: € 800 + 20% VAT;
  • 1 point of sale (area up to 6 m²). Price per day: € 90 + 20% VAT.

3. Required approvals:

  • negotiate the time and terms of the event with Britta Sool, the head of the marketing and communications (ph. +372 5305 0805; e-mail: britta.sool@salm.ee);
  • the event must be registered with the Haapsalu city government;
  • any trading at the event must be approved by the Haapsalu city government.

4. Technical specifications

Car parks:

  • parking is free everywhere in Haapsalu;
  • the car park closest to the main gate is at Lossiplats;
  • the car park closest to the garden gate is on Vaba St.

If necessary, motor vehicles can enter the castle grounds through two gates:

  • the main gate (entry from Lossiplats): arched gateway height 3.6 m and width 2.70 m. (please note: the gateway begins to arch at a height of 2.6 m);
  • the garden gate (entry from Krahviaed): arched gateway height 2.9 m and width 2.6 m.


  •  The total area of the stage in the large courtyard is 360 m² (23.6 x 15.25 m). An open terrace with a wooden railing is located behind the stage, inside the Aiatorn tower.

Electrical power:

  • voltage from the switchboard of the castle’s large courtyard stage: 230/400 V, 3*160 A (max. 100kW);
  • voltage of the entire castle 230/400 V, 3*315 A (max. 200kW);

There are 3 power distribution boards in the castle courtyard for trading during events.

5. Restrictions

Haapsalu Castle is a cultural monument under state protection, and its grounds include a nature park under state protection. Consequently, the use of the castle is subject to certain requirements:

  • installing stands, posters and similar items is forbidden without prior approval from the Foundation;
  • entering the castle grounds on a motor vehicle must be approved in advance by the Foundation;
  • the maximum weight of motor vehicles permitted to enter the castle grounds if necessary is 3.5 tonnes;
  • driving on the lawns is forbidden;
  • climbing on the walls is not allowed;
  • damaging the castle fittings (light fittings, benches, rubbish bins, windows etc) is a punishable offence under Estonian law;
  •  surveillance cameras are used on the castle grounds.

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